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New Book – Pain to Praise

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Pain to Praise is not a traditional guide or textbook, but your personal invitation to walk beside me as I navigate my own turbulent journey of personal pain and forgiveness.
After experiencing deep hurt, I became enveloped by my suffering —it shaped my identity and controlled my life. This book, however, focuses on a path of recovery and renewal, guided gently by the Holy Spirit.Through heartfelt storytelling and open sharing, I offer this book as a companion for anyone confronting their own pain. It’s an exploration of how forgiveness can profoundly change our lives by transforming bitterness into a deeper understanding of ourselves and our connections with


The Ultimate Guide to Building a Healthy and Fulfilling Marriage

Strategies for Forgiveness, Love, and Grace

Create a Wonderful, Beautiful, and Happy Marriage Filled with Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Freedom

Discover the game-changing approaches that will transform your marriage from a place of pain and resentment to one of love and grace.

Get the ultimate guide to rebuilding a fulfilling and happy marriage in W. Austin Gardner’s insightful new book. This book emphasizes forgiveness, love, and grace, making restoring emotional and physical connection with your spouse possible.

Rebuilding trust and restoring intimacy in the marriage

Discover the joyful, blissful, happy union you’ve always dreamed of. This book will guide you to a place of forgiveness, acceptance, and freedom, creating a loving environment for your marriage to thrive.


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W. Austin Gardner

W. Austin Gardner is more than just an international keynote speaker, author, coach, and mentor—he symbolizes resilience. Overcoming battles with cancer and COVID, his journey has been shared in over 50 countries, showcasing the power of faith and determination. With over 50 years of experience in pastoral and missionary work, Austin offers invaluable insights from his extensive background, inspiring faith, hope, and flexibility in all who hear his story.

Dedicated to inspiring missions, empowering leaders, and evangelizing the world in our generation, Austin’s impact knows no bounds. Through platforms like the Society of Mentors and Sociedad de Mentores online, he generously shares his experience and knowledge. Additionally, as the founder and president of Alignment Ministries, he is committed to equipping and empowering ministry leaders worldwide.

Having traveled extensively to over 50 countries, Austin’s influence transcends borders, leaving a lasting impression wherever he goes.

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What People are Saying

“Austin’s talk impacted me. His story and faithfulness were compelling and inspiring. People were helped to further live out and share their faith”

Chief Marketing Officer, Christian Community Credit Union

“I heard Austin Gardner speak at the C-Suite for Christ Conference in Wisconsin. His honesty and vulnerability touched me deeply as he unpacked his three brushes with death, subsequent recovery, and who was there to help him. He spoke about having your priorities right, knowing who you are as well as your purpose, and also about being prepared in private like King David was. It was excellent. But what impacted me the deepest, was how the Holy Spirit spoke through him directly to me, with words I had shared with a friend just the week prior: How we need to be bigger on the inside than on the outside. This is something I’m currently seeking. Throughout his presentation he repeatedly asked a compelling question. Why am I alive? He not only asked himself, but encouraged us to ask ourselves as well. Austin delivered a powerful word that I still carry with me.”

Speaker | Coach | Author

Austin’s prowess as a speaker is equally impressive. As a Certified Speaker
with the John Maxwell Organization, he expertly blends biblical wisdom
with practical insights that are immediately applicable. His delivery style is
both engaging and informative, leaving audiences inspired and equipped.
From the business perspective, I’ve seen Austin’s entrepreneurial spirit at
work. His understanding of principled leadership and strategic thinking has
been instrumental in the success of the organizations with which he has
been involved. His ability to translate biblical principles and leadership
concepts into a business context is a rare and valuable skill.

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Josiah Martin
Senior Pastor, GodsWord Bible Church
Founder, Crossbridge Marketing & Media, Inc.


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